About us

The Market Research Academy is a joint venture between the Institute for Systemic Management (a Swiss business school founded in 2010), the Institute of Economic Excellence, CONSTANT DIALOG Ltd. (internationally recognized market research institute, founded in 2009) and data IQ Ltd (an agency specializing in scientific data analysis, founded in 2015).

Our lecturers all have more than 25 years of market research practice and experience as lecturers at colleges and universities.
Our courses are currently moderated by the following thoroughbred market researchers:

Jörg Hilber holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Services Marketing & Management and is therefore a trained specialist in the development and marketing of services and the creation of customer relationships. He can therefore be called a specialist in online didactics.
Jörg Hilber has lectured on the subject of "market research" for 22 years in a part-time position at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland and for 10 years at marktforschungskurse.com.
For 11 years he worked for the second largest market research institute in Switzerland, as a member of the management and head of the department "Customer Surveys". For 10 years, he has headed the market research institute CONSTANT DIALOG AG, which specialises in customer and employee surveys.
He also holds the Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Cambridge and the Degré Supérieur from the Alliance Française (French Ministry of Culture). Due to his professional activities in the USA, Great Britain, French-speaking Switzerland and France, he is highly qualified to hold workshops in English and French.

Stefan Oglesby holds a PhD in social sciences and an MBA from IMD, Lausanne. Stefan Oglesby has devoted most of his career to behavioural research and data-driven decision making. He is a recognized specialist in market and social research. He has contributed significantly to the further development of modern methods, for example in brand equity analysis, price research and customer segmentation. As a lecturer in digital methods at the University of Lucerne, he has been helping to train a new generation of innovative market researchers over the last 10 years. He was long-standing Chairman and CEO of a a leading provider for market research and consumer insight in Switzerland and Germany. He thus has in-depth, practical experience with implementation-oriented, pragmatic market research that provides measurable benefits for decision-makers. He regularly holds workshops and lectures on practical topics, such as Big Data in market research, survey research methods or data protection issues.
Stefan Oglesby is a member of the scientific advisory board of the Master in Public Opinion and Survey Methodology and board member of the DGOF, the German Society for Online Research. He is currently the owner of data IQ AG, which offers services in the areas of data strategy, consumer insight and statistical analysis. As co-founder of deeptrue AG, he is committed to pushing the digital transformation of market and social research into new dimensions.

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