How It Works (Course Schedule)

All market research workshops take place online at least once a week. They consist of an inspiring preparation task, an exciting input session with an experienced thoroughbred market researcher, a detailed script to read and pre- and post-process the contents, a test with course certificate - and, if desired, interactive personal coaching.
All courses can also be booked in-house, of course adapted to your personal needs, at a location of your choice or online.

Our speakers are market research professionals and have at least 20 years of professional experience. They are also, without exception, university lecturers and have a teaching background.

Our online courses make you a market research professional in 10 steps:

    1. choose your workshop from our course programme
    2. register yourself or your team with the registration form
    3. you will then receive a confirmation email from us asking you to choose the course date (all online courses take place at least weekly)
    4. arrange the date of your online in-depth coaching with Q&A (if desired)
    5. solve the preparation task
    6. take the online course and write down your questions
    7. read the script to deepen and consolidate what you have learned.
    8. take part in online in-depth coaching with Q&A (if desired)
    9. solve the test task
    10. receive the official course certificate

    Of course you can also do without the test task and the course certificate if you do not need the latter.

    Choose the appropriate workshop from our extensive range of training courses now.

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