Our courses and their prices

By clicking on a link in the list below, you can access a detailed description of the contents of the respective course. By clicking on the course name you will get to the detailed description of the course:

Our courses are offered in the following
English, French, German

  • Participation in an online course, incl. preparation task, detailed script, online certificate, certificate: EUR 179.00 / USD 219.00 / CHF 199.00
  • Participation in a mini-group interactive Q&A session/online coaching (with a maximum of 4 other people), duration: 90 minutes: EUR 89.— / USD 109.00 / CHF 99.—
  • Private interactive Q&A session/online coaching (just for you), duration: 90 minutes: EUR 350.— / UDS 430.00 / CHF 390.—
  • Personalised, interactive full-day live online workshop for companies (max. 10 participants), incl. detailed script, online certificate and attestation for all participants: on request
  • Personalised, interactive full-day workshop for companies ON-SITE (max. 10 participants), incl. detailed script, online certificate and certificate for all participants: on request

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