Employee Surveys

"All-in-one" course with methodical input, comprehension tasks and sample solutions.

Timing (online)
- Input session (incl. preparation task): 1/2 day
- interactive Q&A/coaching session: 90 minutes (optional)

Setting (online)

Course content

Course : "How to do professional employee surveys"
This course explains how to develop a professional employee survey.
It starts with the DON'TS (So nicht!) and then moves on to the DO's, the meaningful, well-founded methods: Researching the satisfaction and importance of the most important aspects of employee relations and recording and evaluating employee relations in the original language.
Two models of employee relations are introduced and critically discussed. You will learn how to analyse the work-life balance holistically and how to form implementation-oriented employee typologies.
And there are two practical tasks for live testing of the acquired knowledge.

Included in the course:
- Preparatory Task
- Detailed Handout
- Certification task
- Course certificate

You can also book an interactive Q&A/Online Coaching (with a maximum of 4 additional participants) or even a private mentoring session. This lasts 90 minutes and deals specifically with your individual needs and questions.
For group bookings for companies this is automatically included.

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