The Fundamentals Of Market And Social Research

The course "Fundamentals of Market and Social Research" consists of 3 related modules.

Timing (online)
- Input session (incl. preparation task): 1/2 day
- interactive Q&A/coaching session: 90 minutes (optional)

Setting (online)

Course Content

Modul 1: «The History Of Market Research»
The history of market and social research, from Gallup and Nielsen to online research With a historical film.

Modul 2: «The Methods Of Market Research»
In this module you will learn about the differences and the use of primary and secondary research as well as qualitative and quantitative research.
They continue to study different survey methods and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Modul 3: «The Standards and Ethics Of Market Research»
This module teaches the standards and ethics of market research. Learn which rules must be observed in order to conduct serious research and what you need to bear in mind when choosing an institute.

Included in the course:
- Preparatory Task
- Detailed Handout
- Certification task
- Course certificate

You can also book an interactive Q&A/Online Coaching (with a maximum of 4 additional participants) or even a private mentoring session. This lasts 90 minutes and deals specifically with your individual needs and questions.
For group bookings for companies this is automatically included.

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