Project Management In Market And Social Research

"All-in-one" course with methodical input, comprehension tasks and sample solutions.

Timing (online)
- Input session (incl. preparation task): 1/2 day
- interactive Q&A/coaching session: 90 minutes (optional)

Setting (online)

Course content
Course: "Project management in market research"
In this course you will learn how to set up, carry out and evaluate a research project as an operational market researcher. One focus is on the need to involve various internal stakeholders in the project, to make the research subject understandable and to communicate results in a way that is appropriate for the addressees.
Furthermore, you will learn how to brief market research institutes in order to get really comparable offers, you will learn how to interpret offers and recognize how to get the best price/performance ratio. You will continue to learn what you need to consider when choosing an institute in order to achieve the best price/performance ratio.
Then you will learn what resources you have to ensure that you receive the highest quality throughout the project: What do I pay attention to when listening to interviews? What are exhaustion analyses and how do I use them? What requirements do I have for the evaluation? How do I know if weighting has been performed and how do I read a weighting log?

This course is also available for institutional market researchers. It teaches how to inspire customers with a project and reconcile the demands of a wide range of stakeholders.

Included in the course:
- Preparatory Task
- Detailed Handout
- Certification task
- Course certificate

You can also book an interactive Q&A/Online Coaching (with a maximum of 4 additional participants) or even a private mentoring session. This lasts 90 minutes and deals specifically with your individual needs and questions.
For group bookings for companies this is automatically included.

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