Applied Statistics

The course "Applied Statistics" consists of two courses with methodological input, comprehension tasks and sample solutions, which can also be booked separately.

Timing (online)
- Input session (incl. preparation task): 1/2 day
- interactive Q&A/coaching session: 90 minutes (optional)

Setting (online)

Course content

Course 1: "Statistics without statistics 1:
Representativeness and sampling".
This course teaches without mathematics and formulas (only 1 exception ;-) how to draw representative samples, how to calculate the statistical error or simply read off, how to determine the size of a sample and how to draw representative samples of a whole country.

Course 2: "Statistics without statistics 2:
Evaluation and presentation of results".
You will learn how to evaluate and prepare the results of a survey, how to recognize in an evaluation whether the findings are statistically meaningful and how to present the results of a survey correctly graphically.
And as an entertaining treat, the lecturer statistically proves that babies are brought by storks. :-)

Included in the course:
- Preparatory Task
- Detailed Handout
- Certification task
- Course certificate

You can also book an interactive Q&A/Online Coaching (with a maximum of 4 additional participants) or even a private mentoring session. This lasts 90 minutes and deals specifically with your individual needs and questions.
For group bookings for companies this is automatically included.

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